Friday, July 18, 2008


hey, Today was a busy day.
   My friend k and her kids came over to play, and we had a great time. Then my mother in law brought my little nephew over( he is 2) and he played with all the kids. The weather is VERY hot, but then it's july.. so I guess, it would be weird if it wasn't hot.  I was just amazed how ( usually I walk around barefoot) and I found it virtually impossible to do so today! the astroturf at the playground ( as my son jack says "uchi, ouchy!") my deck where the sun was hitting it,(EEOW!)  So I ended up being so mindful about slipping on my flip flops today, because when I would absent mindedly walk out the door, I would be walking back quick for my shoes!

Brock finally made it home. HOORAY! only to be gone again monday (BOO!) but we have a good weekend planned. 
 There really is so much more going on, but I am so worn out writing this, I'll write a longer blog tomorrow.  I am proud that I at least wrote everyday this week! hoorah for me!  I really feel that writing some everyday, has to be beneficial on some level. 
( although the whole time I have been writing this, I have been zoning out on "deadliest catch"  on our tivo)

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