Thursday, July 17, 2008


 hey yall. Well it's Thursday. Brock is coming home tomorrow, and jenny has survived yet another week just her and the kids here on big knob. 
kinda had a crazy morning. I ended up getting a little cabin feverish, so I took the kiddies out with EVERY single intention of going to get little jack some shoes. He has outgrown 7's, and I surmised by looking at his foot that he was about a toddler 8 1/2. WELL, we go to southern shoe connection which is this huge metal building filled wall to wall with shoes. They measured jack's foot and sure enough, the youngun is now an 81/2. Easy part. the hard part: couldn't find ANY shoes.. other than these girly keds ( do boys even wear freakin white canvas keds?!) I wasn't about to buy them and then have my baby ridiculed by the bus kids in Sunday school. So we left with ZERO pairs of shoes. I had planned to buy several pairs too. So back to square one with that one. ( if people knew all the energy I had to expend to get the stroller out, the baby, then jack strap them in, then push the gargantuan   stroller through double glass doors( and NO one ever bother to help. They just always sit there and watch me struggle and try not to squish my kids in the doors( which ALWAYS makes me super mad, I always help people with doors especially if they have a stroller why are people so lame sometimes?) THEN I get in the shoe store and NOTHING in this kids size in the WHOLE store.(except of course, the femie looking keds that would get him a wedgie if he wore them around other kids) UNBELIEVEABLE. )
So I cut my loses there and we went to TJ Maxx and Target for me to just see what is going on there, since I hadn't been in town for a couple of weeks. scored a cool ed hardy belt and some cute steve madden sandals that are mustard yellow. Jack was so funny. When we pulled into the shopping center he looked at me and said "exactly WHY are we here?" haha. Both he and Todd got a toy at target, so they were all good when all was said and done. 
I got the racing bibs in today from Runners World for the Road Race. I am SO excited how everything is coming together. The 16th will be here very soon. 
 well, I am tired, I guess I will go relax and read for the rest of the evening. 

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