Sunday, August 17, 2008

the 10k was AWESOME!

The first annual Christopher Todd Richardson Memorial 10k went off without a hitch! Everything went SO smooth and SO perfect! It was just an absolutely positive experience for me! My volunteers were TOP NOTCH!! Every facet of the race went exactly like I had planned! I really hope all the runners come back next year and bring friends!! I am so extremely tired from the past couple of days!

 but I will upload some of my favorite pictures from the race tonight and post them!!

love yall!


Some guy named John said...

Hey, I was there! And yes it WAS awesome! I just Googled the name of the race 'cuz I was curious to see if anyone else might have blogged about it, but I wasn't expecting to run across the RD's blog.

I wanted to let you know that the race really was fantastic. The tee shirt is going to be one of my favorites, the course was a delight to run on, and I'll have to guard the great piece of pottery I took home lest my wife steal it! Running what was a very fast time for me was an added plus. I'm already looking forward to next year!

jenn said...

hi john!! thanks for coming! please come back next year! I am already plotting and scheming about ctr10k2009!!! Please bring some buddies! I want to cap out the race at 150 is my goal for next year( that would be twice the size of this year)

my friends at the iron mtn trail running group have blogged about the race as well! you can find it on the "blogs that I read" section.
I will put up some pictures tomorrow. I took my memory card to Ritz in abingdon today on my errands thinking I would get it back in an hour. and they couldnt finish developing them, so I am just going to get them tomorrow. Then I will upload them on my laptop.(finally)

but the race was really great for me too, it was such a positive experience. It was awesome to see all my work come together. My volunteers were just so wonderful. It was a wonderful tribute to Todd. I truly think he was up in heaven aware of us all running up and down the creeper trail at his race:o)
This was my first time being a race director, and you know, I REALLY like putting on races:o) it was really FUN! and well worth all the hard work and frustrations over banners and getting things done on time:o)

take care!!!