Tuesday, August 12, 2008

productive day

well, I got everything straightened out with the Jerry's signs people. So horray for that. The CTR 10k will have a banner after all. Still annoyed that it was SOO extremely difficult to get this accomplished with them, but still, they apologized and I want the banners.. sooo it will all work out. 
The shirts are awesome! I am so happy with them! Dad and I went and picked them up today! The race shirts are white underarmor material and the volunteer shirts are blue( same technical material).  I really think all the runners will love them.  I drew the graphic on the front.:o)

Dad and I also went to Home Depot and got the water coolers for the race course, a couple big rubbermaid trash cans with liners, etc..
 I about have it all completed. I still have some odds and ends to do tomorrow with the computer, and then Friday I have to go get the bagels and bottled water and gatorade.  

 I can't wait. 

 after the race, it will be nice to unwind and focus on some different projects. I can't believe this one is in it's final stages!
haha I want to focus on my running, and read about 20 books, and plan our "big" family vacation. We are going to the Caribbean  in Nov. to three islands.
Jack starts preschool the first week in sept.
well, I am extremely tired. I am sorry my sentences are so choppy, but I'm about to collapse, I am so tired.. so time to turn in!!

 I took these pictures of a yellow mum and hydrangea bush at my mom's house with my canon EOS. I just bought a Nikon N60. I am taking some pictures. jury is still out on whether it's better than my canon.  I will upload some pictures from it soon on here. so you guys can see for yourself. 

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