Saturday, August 23, 2008

let's go racin boys!

 hey guys!  I had an AWESOME birthday yesterday. I started off the day getting dressed up in this white sundress( because 1. I never get to dress up and 2. it's almost labor day and I was afraid I wouldnt get to wear the white dress until next summer!)

 The doorbell rang, and there was my mother inlaw with a birthday cake she had made for me! If you guys only knew how much that meant to me! That gesture in itself was so sweet! and I was thinking the day before how I wouldn't have a cake unless I made one for myself:o) 

Then the doorbell rang again and there was flowers and balloons from my parents! again, things like that mean far more to me than anything! as winnie the pooh says : " no one can be uncheered by a balloon!";O) so my kitchen counter was beginning to look very festive!

So Brock and Jack had some errands to do( haircuts for the "big boys") So little Toddy and I took off to Kingsport and we went and ate lunch at Tomi Thai!! It was so wonderful. I LOVE thai food, and I was SO impressed by this little place! The food was awesome and fairly authentic, service great.  Little Todd was so relaxed and pleasant, so I just fed him baby food and snacks while I ate my yummy super spicy red curry and Tomkaa soup. :o)
Then Todd and I ventured to JC for a couple of hours and then made our way home. ( stopped at a couple stores)
THEN  I came home gave Todd a bottle and got freshened up and changed into jeans to get ready for the Food City 250! FUN!
We dropped the kids off at brock's parents, and then we went to go eat dinner at THE HOUSE ON MAIN in abingdon va
Brock's uncle owns this restaurant and the food  there is AMAZING.  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to eat AT ALL because of my very heavy lunch, but I was somehow able to manage:o) He gets his seafood delievered fresh daily ( so all of that is so great tasting) I am not typically a steak person. But their hand carved NY strips with honey-chipotle dipping sauce and roasted potatoes was too good to resist. :o)
So after dinner, we took off to the race in the mini cooper ( makes parking and driving in traffic much easier) and we just had the greatest time. Actually, it was cool just getting to spend time together. With his work schedule and having two precious little boys: that doesn't occur too often. So I was super appreciative just to be able to have " a date" on my birthday:o)

now, I am all gearing up for the Sprint Cup night race tonight:o)
cheers yall!

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