Monday, August 18, 2008

blurry action pictures

hi! Sorry I haven't posted any pictures from the 10k yet. I have my "good" memory card at ritz, while I was running the course, my sweet mother in law ( who is a wonderful photographer) volunteered to take all the pictures at my race ( with my cannon of course!) So I will hopefully have some of those pictures up tomorrow.

until then: here are some pictures I took while running the course( I ended up being a "bandit" at my own race) if you look at the results at state of franklin track club's website like next to last it says "en bandit" yeah, that's me. but I SWEAR. I didn't "run" that... I just kinda jogged with my nephew and rounded up the back of the pack, and spent time whooping and hollering at all the runners coming in.

The reaction from the runners who ran the race the past couple days has been SO positive! I am still so elated that everything went over so well!

what do to now? I need a goal!! haha I think I am going to take it easy for a while. Although, believe it or not I still have some loose ends from the road race to tie up. I sent in the names and addresses of my runners to runnersworld(since they gave me the free racing bibs, I have to give them the names of the people who ran in return, hope yall dont mind)

Tomorrow I have to do some accounting things for the foundation, and I am working on setting up a website for the scholarship.

then Friday ( which is my birthday ( i am turning 30!) and Saturday I am going to the bristol races. Then after that, Brock, the boys and I are going to the beach for a week. WOO!

sorry the pictures are so blurry they are of NIck whited( my cuz) who got second overall and eric grossman( SUPERSTAR!) who won overall. I have to say how awesome it was that Grossman ran my race. He told me it was his first 10k in over a decade!! I am so humbled that he came to my little race and was supportive of my cause! really kuddos to all the iron mtn crew for running my race. It really meant SO much to me. It was like a big hug to just see my friends out there.
I took the pictures with my olympus stylus 850 sw.. too bad they didn't turn out better. but it's the same camera I ran with at leadville, and those turned out great. win some. lose some. I say the ones my mother in law took with the cannon turned out much better. Guess we shall see tomorrow!
cheers yall!

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