Thursday, August 28, 2008

completely rough day

 man alive! today was a BEAR of a day.  I am so exhausted I don't know if I can even recount the random events of today!
 it was one of those "when it rains, it pours" type days.
 I had to take my oldest son to get a school physical for preschool ( and had to take the baby with us because I didn't have any childcare) I went to go start the car, and the battery was dead. So then I hopped in my beamer that I had parked in the garage ( to keep it nice and clean) and DING! DING!  a steering malfunction light came on and the "service engine soon" light came on.  I kept it started but was very sketched out about even driving it with my two children with me. Brock is 350 miles away in west VA. USELESS!! THE AGONY! 
 I decided to proceed to the dr's office, on the way there I called the bmw dealership, to see if I could get a loaner and drop the car off because I didn't have anyone to follow me there and take me home.  and They didn't have any loaners or so they said. GRRR. just great. oh, and my mini cooper, it was never an option because it had a flat on the rear passenger tire and I knew it. So three cars and something wrong with each one of them!! why???
but when I thought things couldnt get any worse, and I was just ready to SCREAM!

After the Dr. visit ( which did go surprisingly smooth even though I had to drag two kids in there) The dealership called and someone DID bring in a loaner and it would be ready for me after lunch. That took care of one car. 
 I got a hold of my mom and dad who were EXTREMELY nice enough to drive an hour one way to come to my rescue. Dad helped me hook up the charger to the battery, and then we got out the air compressor and filled the mini tire with air and gauged all of the other tires while we were there. 
SOOO that took care of the other cars. SO THANKS mom and dad!!  I so would do that for my kids too:o)
 I went from NO reliable transportation back to three( although actually my beamer is still being worked on)
So I guess all s well that ends well.  I just hope tomorrow is WAY more calmer.  It wouldn't of been half as stressful, had it not been for the fact on top of dealing with all the automotive issues, I had two little kids depending on me to take care of them. it was just difficult to juggle it all. 

 well, good night yall! I am beat! here is hoping tomorrow will be a MUCH better, brighter day!

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