Sunday, August 3, 2008

haha aren't my richmond marathon  pictures so pretty?! Those are from 11/2006. The other one is from this years leadville marathon, in that picture I am on top of mosquito pass ( mile 13.1) up 13, 900 ft. 

It's one unreal hill. It goes straight up for pretty much 4 miles of incline with no breaks, just more swtich backs. SO FUN.  you do climb up 3,200 ft from the town of leadville to the top of the pass. Things didn't go too well for me about mile 18, due to me losing my salt tabs at the very first aid station at mile 4. hypotramenia is real. haha I now know if  I ever get to run an ultra, I don't know how well my body can respond to running for 8 hours. is  but I really do want to go back and run this marathon AGAIN( it will be the third time) maybe not next year but the year after. 
marathon training has really been impossible for me the past 8 months.  I keep trying though. Just with brock's work schedule( he is gone ALL the time like mon-fri every single week) and me keeping my two boys 24/7  I just can't get in the long  runs I need. I use the elliptical and treadmill, but  nothing is the equivalent of good quality training outside. 
 but I know things will get better, brock's work can't be that constant(crazy busy) for forever, although it has been for the past year.  I just say that because we have had other years were he isn't gone that much at all, maybe just a day or two a week. ( I long for those days again haha)  and my kids ( who are very small) will grow, and then I can run all I want, but I will never get this time with them back. SO I am trying to stay focused on that, then I can go after all my athletic pursuits.

 In addition to running, and riding my road and mtn bikes, I really would like to take tennis and golf lessons. I know it probably sounds lame, but it's an insecurity  I have.  I am not really skilled at either, and would like to improve.  I think both of those games are important, and something I will do more and more as I get older, so I would like to excel at both.

ah, so what a vapid little post. ALL ABOUT ME.   I have a busy week coming up, many things to do for the road race! only 13 days left!

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