Friday, August 8, 2008

busy week. I just got back from Richlands. We spent the past two days on the farm with my parents and brother because today makes it a year since we have lost my brother Todd.
We had a memorial for him today on the farm, and it truly was one of the most spiritual, moving and pure moments of my existence here on earth. I really truly just feel fortunate to have had the time I did with Todd, and that I have such a wonderful older brother. I also am just so happy that I am in the family I'm in. My parents and brothers are loving people. Brock took off work today to be there with me and my family, my spouse is so loving and emotionally supporting. :o) love you Brock!
 I am so tired, the past 24 hours have been really hard emotionally, I will never get over what happened to Todd or stopping missing my brother, but the only recourse I have is to just try to do everything I can to keep the memory of Todd alive, and help other people through his memory through the scholarship and the road race. 

 the picture is one I took today after we launched some balloons into the heavens at the memorial, I love the way these pictures turned out.  I took about 20 in rapid secession with my canon EOS. the landscape picture is one of some of the land on my parents 171 acre farm that straddles both Russell and Tazewell counties

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