Wednesday, August 20, 2008

that'll work...

well, I got back from Richlands. I have been over there all day. First I went to mom and dad's farm and dropped off the kids, then I went and got my hair done. ( it had been 8 weeks since the last time and I had roots BAD):o) so my friend keisha, completely saved me from being completely two-toned another day. ( it was killing me) Another great thing about keisha other than her hair coloring ability, is that she doesn't take that long. So an hour and half later, I go back to the farm, have coffee and sit on the porch with my Dad. (which was nice) Then after I got both the boys down for a nap. I actually got to take a nap, which was AWESOME! I haven't napped in MONTHS. so that was SWEET!!! I slept so hard, when I woke up I didn't know where I was or if it was day or night. haha. 
Then i ate dinner with my parents and my nephew Brian,  loaded up the car and drove back to to Bristol. 
The Bristol races are this weekend. We always go to both the fall and spring races. Brock's dad always has a block of 10 tickets ( always the same seats in the allison terrace). Consequently, as I have mentioned before, Friday is my birthday! So I get to people watch and get all excitement from the night races, my birthday weekend. It's fun as far as entertainment value goes.  I kinda don't like being in a crowd of throngs of people (especially trying to leave the track after the race) also,  I do have qualms about certain aspects of it. The advertising, all the consuming going on( SO MUCH TRASH and so many people buy things at wally world), and wastefulness of it all...all the unhealthy food, cigarette chain smoking,( why can't it be smoke free?cough cough wheeze) and beer guzzling on a mass scale....  i guess it's not a moral thing, it's just more me not enjoying breathing cigarette smoke, and having to fool with people who are extremely drunk.:o)
 here are some pictures I took 2 years ago at the grand canyon with my canon EOS

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