Tuesday, August 26, 2008

  I have been busy this week getting my little boy ready for the start of preschool! He is so very excited! I often wonder how different it will be once the little guy begins school, getting up every morning and attending school, being on a set schedule... It's going to be a new experience for all of us. I'll let you know how he transitions.

anyone watch the demo convention last night? I usually end up watching bits and pieces of both. Michelle Obama's hair was so shiny!!  I really tried to pay attention to her heart felt attempt to humanize her husband to the masses, but the thought that kept creeping into my brain was "man, her hair looks amazing!" So I guess the question is, if her hair didn't look so wonderful, would I of paid more attention to her speech, or thought to myself that her hair was a mess?
They pulled out all the stops with Senator Kennedy making an emotional appearance and "passed the torch" from the Kennedy family to the Obama family. hmm  I just don't think that the Obama's will ever have the same mystique and intrigue that the nation felt the Kennedy family possesses but I GET what they were attempting to do/say. 
 I really don't mean to be so passive about the election.   I am a political science BA  holder, but it seems the older I get, the more life experience I accrue,  I become more acutely aware of really how dirty politics and our political system is... both parties.. They're NASTY, dirty:o)

 I have to go to kingsport today to take my car to the dealership...  I hate hyper sensitive computer systems..
 the picture I have today was one I took on my birthday at Tomi Thai! YUM! I think I am going back there today to eat lunch! I took this picture with my little sony cybershot.  I believe it's 10mp. 

cheers yall

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