Monday, August 11, 2008

monday, monday

 so here it is Monday before my brother's road race. I have been working so diligently to get everything done in a orderly and timely manner, so that I would not be stressed or overwhelmed this week.  However, "other people" have absolutely thrown a sprag in my little aspirations. grrr! 
obstinate people #1: JERRY's SIGNS

 I went to this company a month ago ordered the start/finish banner. They told me they would email me a proof and then  they would make it. Would probably take a week. Never heard from the people, so LAST Monday 2 weeks before the event, I called to touch base, tell them I haven't ever received a proof and wanted to get the ball rolling on the project. The secretary put me on hold, then told me that I would for sure have a proof by Friday. Friday comes and goes, no proof in my mail box, inbox, junk mail: NOTHING. They are closed over the weekend. So this morning I call and explain my dilemma and that I need a banner NOW IN four days, and I was kinda frustrated because I had ordered this a month ago. She got my number and NO ONE has called me back!

 I really wanted to speak to the owner of the company, because his employees are completely dropping the ball here!! So if there isn't a banner at the race, sorry yall it's not like I haven't been trying!

Second frustration: the shirts. I think it's all going to work out fine, but the shirt people have been giving me the run around too a little. So I called them this morning and the guy is supposedly supposed to go get them after lunch, and I am supposed to go get them from his office this evening. So fingers crossed on that one.  Shirt company has been FAR better in communication than the jerry's signs people: WHAT LOSERS!!!!:o(
Sweet Jesus people! they act like I can DO EVERYTHING on Friday evening before the race apparently!!!! I need to get tasks completed through the week for this all to come together. I have 2 kids and Brock is out of town. I can't DO everything (race packets and gather all the materials I need for the race) the day before just IMPOSSIBLE. 
So here's hoping it all comes together okay ( I feel like it will, but I had to vent a little because certain vendors are frustrating the bejeezus out of me!!!)

 here is a picture of a toad I took in my courtyard last week!

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